Sourcing and Recruiting Training with Glen Cathey

Posted by Grace W.   from SocialTalent

48 days ago

Navigating the complex world of talent acquisition just got a whole lot easier! We’re delighted to announce the launch of new recruiting and sourcing content on our learning platform with the incredible Glen Cathey. 

What’s included?

We've added eleven brand-new missions that transform traditional recruiting into an innovative, adaptable, and personalized journey. 

From mastering search fundamentals to adopting agile talent acquisition techniques, this training has it all:

  • Effective Search Fundamentals
  • Beyond Boolean: Advanced Search Strategies
  • How to screen anyone for any job
  • Building a sourcing playbook
  • Earning Responses From Passive Talent
  • The Human Connection: Leveraging HUMINT
  • Mastering the Art of Candidate Closing
  • Becoming a world-class sourcer or recruiter
  • Mastering time management in sourcing and recruiting
  • Agile Talent Acquisition
  • Sourcing & Recruiting Analytics.

Looking to get more information or see how SocialTalent’s Recruiting Training could help you find, hire, and engage top talent? Reach out to our team!

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